Mueller Turns His Witch Hunt Into A Rat Hunt, Targets Senior Trump Officials Trump Just Fired

This investigation apparently has no end. Liberals want to take down Trump by any cost so use Robert Mueller to invent new ways of doing it. This man is the special counsel in charge of the Russia probe and according to the newest reports, he plans to interview current and former Trump administration officials. He is looking in every hole to find something that is actually not there. Mueller will even include the newest Trump administration official.

The Hill says that Mueller is asking for records including details of specific meetings with administration and campaign officials, and any related documents such as transcripts. The meetings he’s asking about include those related to President Trump’s decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey.

Priebus would likely know a number of specifics about all meetings in the White House and he is planning to include him. So, after Flynn and Manafort he is his newest target.

Mueller recently assembled a grand jury as part of the investigation, which has the power to subpoena records and ask for witness testimonies on the case. The investigation encompasses Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election and any possible collusion between members of Trump’s campaign or administration and Moscow continues The Hill by adding:

Mueller’s interest in Trump’s senior advisers, especially those who have revealed meetings with Russian officials during the campaign, was expected. However, it is further indication that his probe is expensive and becoming more intense.

The White House officials will fully cooperate I am sure. I wonder what Robert will investigate next because I am also sure that he won’t find anything from these officials.


Also, he is testing everyone with one goal. He thinks he will find a rat that will stub Trump in the back. Once again he is forgetting one thing, he is searching for a crime that does not exist so, rats also cannot be found in here.