Breaking: Homeland Security Issues Spine-Chilling Warning

Nowadays everyone is talking only about one thing. What is going to happen between North Korea and America? We all know that North Korea’s dictator for so long delivered different threats towards our nation. Trump had enough of it and fighter back. Due to North Korea’s threats towards Guam, Homeland Security issued a very important statement.

The threats include testing new missile capabilities, so a sheet was published by Guam’s Homeland Security Office of Civil Defense in a case of a nuclear strike.

Christian News Alerts reports: The days of pretending everything is fine in North Korea are long over. Guam is taking practical and important steps to ensuring its citizen’s safety.

Kim Jon-un threatened us and claimed his country would have a plan to launch misses near the island of Guam by mid-August. Though this isn’t a threat of a direct nuclear attack, the rising tension is leading to fears that the North Korean dictator might be foolish enough to try to attack Guam.

In response to this latest threat, President Donald Trump said, “He has been very threatening beyond a normal state, and as I said they will be met with fire, fury and frankly power, the likes of which this world has never seen before.”

While it’s hard to be certain if North Korea actually has the capacity to launch an attack of this magnitude, it’s better to be prepared. From our military’s perspective, that means being prepared to strike back at a moment’s notice. From the citizen’s perspective, that means having a personal safety plan.

That’s clearly the perspective Guam has taken, who are advising citizens to plan ahead by creating an emergency kit and to make a list of the concrete shelters near them, according to the full sheet published by CNN.

Christian News Alert continues and says that during a nuclear blast, concrete is thick enough to block nuclear radiation. Citizens are warned that they would have to stay inside for at least 24 hours, as the more time has passed, the less radiation they’ll find outside.

If anyone is stuck outside during the blast, Guam officials caution them not to look at the blast, to take any kind of shelter available, and to cover their head.

The emergency fact sheet also details whats to do after a potential nuclear strike occurs. Citizens who were outside should try to get clean as soon as possible by removing their clothes and washing with lots of soap while avoiding scrubbing or rubbing the skin. It’s a bad idea to use conditioner, as it binds with radioactive material.

Guam Governor Eddie Calvo has, above all, cautioned calm to the people of Guam, according to Reuters. He’s also cautioned North Korea, “Though I don’t want the temperature to get any higher, I think it’s important also that there is clarity and that if there is an attack on any American soil including Guam, that it will be met with overwhelming response.


Let’s all continue to think that this dictator of North Korea won’t attack anyone. He indeed will make a messy situation that millions of people will suffer of. Maybe this will change his mind and he will stop thinking to make his threats reality.